Granular, water soluble and controlled release fertilizers for agricultural & horticultural applications 

Plant nutrients & feeds

Micro and Macro nutrients, Foliar and Liquid feeds to support the health of garden and home plants.

Greenhouse Equipment

We stock a wide range of greenhouse construction, maintenance and operation equipment. For example, greenhouse covers, shading nets, greenhouse sheets, cooling fans and cooling pads. So come find all your greenhouse needs under one roof.

Growing mediums, substrates & additives

We stock a complete supply of growing medium, substrates and additives for all your gardening needs. For example, Peatmoss, Compost, Potting Soil, Bark and perlite.

Pots, Containers & Trays

Plastic pots & trays, Ceramic pots, Fiberglass pots & Stainless steel pots that are suitable for all types of settings and environments. For example, whether you’re looking for pots and containers for nurseries, greehouses, homes, offices, hotels, corporate and landscaping projects – visit our stores to browse our selection.

Horticultural Tools

A complete range of tools to maintain and care for your garden. Our range includes tools suitable for hobby and retail gardening as well as heavy duty professional use tools. For example: Knives & saws, Pruners, Shears, Scissors, Bamboo Sticks, Fences, Tapes & Ties, Labels, Caps, Information Sticks, Measuring Equipment and a wide range of other nursery and gardening sundries.


Spraying equipment & ground care machinery complete range including Lawn Mowers, Spreaders, Trimmers, Chainsaws, Water Pumps & other Agricultural Machinery

Crop Protection

Range of pesticides include: Bio-pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides


A huge selection of  Flowering & Vegetable seeds for hobby and professional gardening/farming

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